Abstracts & Poster Submissions

Abstract Submission:

Excellent abstracts have been received and the Scientific Committee thanks the authors for sharing their research and experiments. The review process will now start and decisions will be announced in March. 

We are  now soliciting abstracts for poster presentations. Please submit them by 31 May 2020.

· Short abstracts (<1/2 page)

· Submit abstracts to:  jeanlefloch8@gmail.com

Topics accepted for the MCF2020 Forum:

· Characterization techniques (particulates)

· Particles size/shape distribution, polydispersity

· Particle measuring technology (PMT)

· Flowability and compressibility of powders

· Material characterization of solid dosage forms

· Characterization of punch sticking

· Challenges of model calibration

· Microstructural characterization

· Image analysis to enhance characterization

· Advanced spectroscopy, process analysers

· Terahertz imaging & spectroscopy

· Additive manufacturing aspects (characterization)

· Industrial research, applications, case studies

· Process integration for continuous manufacturing

· Process understanding & characterization (CM)

· In-line, on-line, at-line process monitoring (CM)

· Process control (CM)

Use the following contact form to submit your poster presentations.