Remi Trottier, Ph.D.

A Lifetime of Experience in Particle Characterization

Dr. Remi Trottier, Research Scientist, Dow Chemical

This lecture will start with a brief historical review of particle characterization technology, followed by a high level description of all the necessary elements required for generating reliable particle size data.  The first step in a characterization study is proper sampling to ensure time and efforts are not wasted on a costly investigation based on a population of irrelevant particles.  Once the sample is obtained, the particles need to be presented to the instrument in a properly dispersed state – wet or dry depending on the application.  Given the wide variety of commercially available technologies, choosing the right instrument for any particular laboratory may not always be trivial, and may be a compromise between initial instrument cost, data quality requirement, throughput, maintenance & cost of ownership, types of samples, and skill level required for proper operation.  Up front time and efforts spent on the development of a data quality objective and validation protocol is also an important part of the method development process to insure that relevant data is acquired.  Good communications and partnership between the analyst and the client must be maintained throughout the whole exercise.  The overall goal of this lecture is to provide a practical guide through all of the activities needed from start to finish in order to insure the generation of high quality characterization data along with guidance on choosing the most appropriate technology.

Bio Sketch:

Dr. Trottier is a research scientist in the Process Fundamentals Group within Performance Plastics R&D at The Dow Chemical Company.  He has over 25 years of experience in particle characterization, aerosol science, air filtration and solids processing technology.  Over the past 10 years he has worked on the design and implementation of numerous technologies dealing with solids processing for the elastomers business.  Dr. Trottier has authored some 20 papers and has served as an instructor for several short courses on particle characterization. 

Prior to joining Dow, Dr. Trottier was a senior scientist in the physical measurement group within the Analytical Chemistry Division at the Alcoa Technical Center.  He supervised the particle characterization laboratory where he developed several particle characterization methods.

Dr. Trottier received his B.Sc. (1983) and M.Sc. (1987) degrees in Applied Physics from Laurentian University in Canada, and his Ph.D. (1996) in Chemical Engineering from Loughborough University of Technology in the UK.   During the course of his education, Remi received most of his formal training in particle technology from Dr. Brian Kaye, who was one of the most renowned authorities in the field of particle science.